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All our Smart ForTwo Electric Drive charging cables are orange for high visibility and feature ergonomic grips and flexible cable for ease of handling and storage. These cables are approved and safety tested by TUV to ensure they are the highest quality and safe for use.

Type 2 (vehicle side) to Type 2 (power supply side) EV cable. Orange colour cable with black plugs. This charger cable is suitable for 32A 250V (22kW) three phase connections and is supplied with 5 meters of cable.

Charging Cable Features 

Free storage bag with this charging cable to keep your cable tangle free in the boot of your vehicle.
This 22kW cable will charge a 90kWh battery in around 4 hours, however this may be limited by the vehicle onboard charger.
This is a 3 phase charging cable but can also be used with domestic single phase charging points.
Tested to withstand being run over by a 2 ton vehicle.
Mode 3 Fast Charging Cable
IP54 Waterproof
TUV & UL Approved
CE (IEC 62196.2-2016)


Suitable for use with domestic charging points and public charging stations.

SKU: MEAC-32-3-O-5M
Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Type 2 32A 3 Phase EV Charging Cable - 5 Meter Cable
£162.00 Incl. VAT
£135.00 Ex. VAT

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