When choosing an EV cable for your electric car please make sure that you choose the correct type of charging cable. There are essentially only 2 types of electric vehicle cable plugs for fast charging; Type 1 EV Cables and Type 2 EV Cables. Once you know which type of EV charging cable your car uses then you can choose from various lengths of cables and several different power levels which will effect the time taken to charge your electric car. The main power options are 16 Amp and 32 Amp although with a Type 2 charger cable you also have the option to choose either single phase or 3 phase EV cables, with 3 phase cables providing the fastest charging solution …. as long as you have access to 3 phase power and your vehicle is compatible with 3 phase power input.
All EV cables feature the same plug type to connect to a power source, which is a Type 2 Plug (male connector).
If in doubt please consult your dealership or call us for assistance.
Charger cables for popular vehicles can be found by following the below links :

Type 1 Charging Cables