What cable do I need to buy for my EV?

Matthew Collier
All mode 3 fast charge cables use the same connector to attach to a public charging station or home charger, this is a type 2 connector plug. The other end of an EV cable connects to your vehicle. At the vehicle end you will use either a type 1 connector or a type 2 connector dependant on the vehicle. Most vehicles in the UK and Europe use the type 2 connectors and this is almost a standard now.

You must then consider whether you want a single phase cable or a 3 phase cable. 3 phase charging is around 3 times faster than single phase charging, however you need to have access to a 3 phase charging station. Most domestic charging stations will be single phase and most public charging stations will be 3 phase. Currently only a few vehicles are capable of 3 phase charing but this will no doubt become the norm as battery capacities increase.

It is worthwhile noting that 3 phase cables can also be used to charge a single phase vehicle, so, if you are considering changing from a single phase electric vehicle to a 3 phase capable vehicle in the near future it may make sense to buy a 3 phase cable now.

The cables on our site are organised into type 1 cables and type 2 cables and also by model with recommendations for the most suitable cable for each vehicle in our cable selection guide.